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How To Lure Out A Spider?

How To Lure Out A Spider?

Spiders are a common sight in households, especially during the summer season. While some species of spiders are harmless, others can cause serious harm. It is important to keep a check on spider infestation in your home, but killing them is not always the best solution. Instead, you can try luring them out with alternative methods. In this blog post, we will cover some effective ways to get rid of spiders from your home without harming them.

How To Lure Out A Spider?

Before we go into luring out a spider, it’s important to understand why you want to do so. Knowing your motivation will help me guide you towards the most suitable and potentially ethical approach.

Here are some possibilities:

If you simply want to observe the spider:

  • Patience is key: Most spiders are nocturnal and prefer staying hidden during the day. Wait until night, dim the lights in the room, and quietly observe its web or hiding place. You might see it emerge for prey or maintenance tasks.
  • Play with light: Gently directing a flashlight beam near the spider’s web or hiding spot might entice it to move out of curiosity. Avoid shining bright light directly on it, as that can be stressful.

If you want to relocate the spider:

  • The humane option: Place a clear glass jar next to the spider and gently guide it inside using a soft brush or cardboard. Then, release it outdoors in a suitable habitat away from your house.
  • Commercial traps: Consider using spider catchers with long handles or sticky traps designed for relocating (not harming) spiders. Ensure these traps are placed safely away from pets and children.

If you want to get rid of the spider:

  • Identify the spider: Some spiders are beneficial and help control insects in your home. Identifying the type will help you decide on the best course of action.
  • Natural deterrents: Certain scents like citrus, peppermint, or vinegar can repel spiders. However, their effectiveness and long-term impact can vary.
  • Professional help: If you’re dealing with a significant infestation or have a severe fear of spiders, consider consulting a pest control professional.

Remember, spiders are important parts of the ecosystem and play a crucial role in pest control. If possible, opt for humane methods of observation, relocation, or deterring them from specific areas.

Always prioritise your safety and comfort while dealing with spiders. If you’re uncomfortable or unsure how to proceed, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional.

You could try a number of household products to lure away the spider from your house without actually hurting it.

Peppermint Oil

Spiders hate the smell of peppermint oil. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Shake the mixture well and spray it in the areas where you often see spiders. This will discourage them from staying in that area and force them to move out of your home.

Essential Oils

There are a variety of other essential oils that spiders hate the scent of, including tea tree oil, citronella oil, and lavender oil. Spray a mixture of essential oils diluted with water or use a diffuser to fill your home with the aroma of these oils. It will keep spiders away from your home and also leave your home smelling fresh.

White Vinegar

Spiders are repelled by the acidity of white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of white vinegar and water and spray it in areas where spiders enter your home. It will not only help to repel them, but it will also work to eliminate any spider eggs present in your home.


Spiders do not like cedarwood, so using it in your home can help repel them. Put cedar chips in the areas most prone to spiders or use cedarwood essential oil in a diffuser. Additionally, using cedar mulch in exterior areas of your home can help to keep spiders from entering your home.

Keep Your Home Clean

One of the simplest ways to prevent spiders from entering your home is to keep your home clean and tidy. Dust and vacuum regularly, especially in dark and damp areas of your home. Spiders love to hide in cluttered and dusty areas, and keeping your home clean will discourage them from making themselves comfortable in your living spaces.

Keeping spiders out of your home without harming them is easy and effective. There are many natural remedies you can use to repel spiders, including essential oils, vinegar, and cedarwood. Regular cleaning and keeping your home free of clutter will also help to discourage spiders from entering your home. Using these tips and tricks will help you to keep your home spider-free in a natural and humane way.


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